4 Easy Ways to Brew an Authentic Latte

The Homecoming

The mix of coffee and milk has been followed for centuries. Most of the brews have different quantities of milk and espresso and that is what makes them different. Latte is one such invention that has equal ounces of both. This is one hot brew that soothes your taste buds, provides warmth to your body, as well as serves the purposes of waking you up.

Why the name ‘Latte’?

Latte is an Italian word, which means milk and when combined with Caffe, it becomes milk coffee. It is a beverage that is consumed more than Espresso and is popular all around the world. A more concentrated version of this brew was created by the Americans; however, the authentic latte has the recipe that the Italians follow.

Enjoy The Classic Latte In 4-Easy Steps

The art of a latte

Step 1 – Equal Ounce Of Espresso

With Espresso as the base, you need to ensure that the brew is equal to the amount of milk that you use. Coffee beans that do not contain a high amount of caffeine, add to the flavor of this coffee.

An espresso machine or a pressure vessel must be used to prepare the base. This is to ensure that the original taste of the brew, which also adds to the taste of Latte.

The machine or the oven?

Step 2 – A Coffee Machine Is A Better Choice

For the next step, if you use a coffee machine, the taste will be better. Heating the milk, which is stored in a chilled jar, using the steamer in the machine, creates perfect foam. The amount of milk should be equal to the amount of espresso used.

Remember, the authentic latte is not a strong drink. It is sweet, yet just the right amount of bitter that does not hurt your taste buds.

Tap the milk jar

Step 3 – Tap, Tap, Tap!

The third step is really easy; however, this is where you create the base for your art.

Tapping the heated milk is really important so that the milk settles down and the foam comes up. When you finally see foam on top is when you can move on to the final step.

Latte art in display

Step 4 – Serve It Hot

While the milk is still warm, pour it on the espresso. Once you begin to get the foam, apply your exquisite creativity to create the infamous, Latte Art!

Professionals can create various things from a maple leaf to a swan, using their inventiveness.

And There You Have it, a Latte

From the coming up of the name latte to the 4 easy steps of making, a latte was made to be perfected. Its eye awakening taste and end figure will sure have you on your toes.

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