5 Tips For The Best Awaking Homemade Coffee

5 Tips For The Best Awaking Homemade Coffee

Making great and strong homemade coffee is no accident. There is a proper way of making a strong cup of a cup. Without the proper measurements and tips, it may be a difficult task.

Making Perfect Coffee

Moreover, those who drink coffee on a daily basis need a proper cup. They cannot tolerate any flaw in their perfect awaking means. Thus, if you also have an ardent coffee lover at home, you also need to learn these tips.

Tips To Prepare Coffee

5 Tips For The Best Awaking Homemade Coffee
5 Tips For The Best Awaking Homemade Coffee

Let us learn about these effective tips which can assist you in preparing a perfect cup of homemade coffee.

Always Pre Warm The Cup

When you are preparing that cup of coffee, you need to pay attention to the temperature. Making all the preparations just to pour it into a cold mug is useless. Thus, if you want to enjoy a flawless cup of homemade coffee, you need to pre heat that cup. Thus, while you add water to your beans and filter it, pour some of the hot water into your cup.

5 Tips For The Best Awaking Homemade Coffee
5 Tips For The Best Awaking Homemade Coffee

Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh

Make efforts to maintain the freshness of your coffee beans. It is advisable to make sure that you store the coffee beans in only airtight containers. Glass canning jars can be the best option of storing coffee beans. Moreover, flavor experts believe that you should not freeze your coffee, especially the dark roasted ones. This will help your coffee to retain its temperature and flavor for a longer time.

Do Not Completely Boil

If you boil the water and pour it directly in your French press, make sure that to allow it to cool down a bit. In fact, as per experts, you should wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds after you pour the boiling water. This would make sure that your water temperature gets reduced to 200 degrees. Patience is the key to make perfect homemade coffee.

Do Not Save Your Beans

If you are a pride owner of coffee beans, make sure that you use them. There is no point is saving them for a special occasion. The further you get away from that roasting date, the weaker the coffee’s flavor will become.

Do Not Freeze Them

There can be many varieties in the coffees’ taste. However, make sure that it does not taste like corrugated paper. Thus, try to keep your supply of coffee beans limited.

Maintain The Golden Ratio

When you are preparing homemade coffee, make sure that you pay attention to the golden ratio. The perfect ratio should be 1:16 of coffee to water. In addition, the ratio is most effective when you have above-average coffee beans with you. However, people prefer to play with this ratio depending upon how strong they want their coffee to be.


Most of the coffee lovers cannot compromise with the taste of their cup no matter what. Thus, it becomes imperative to follow these tips when you are preparing homemade coffee. Moreover, these tips will surely assist in preparing a flawless and awesome coffee cup. In fact, the taste would be such that you will not forget it for many years to come.

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