6 Necessary Things a ‘Barista’ Must Have

A professional barista

If you drink coffee, a barista would be well known to you. People are fascinated by baristas when they see one. No, it’s not an outlet – they are people, just like you and me.

In simple words, a barista is a coffee house waiter who serves, prepares and brews coffee drinks. It takes skills to prepare an authentic cup of espresso which is why baristas are no ordinary waiters; they are really skillful.

Serve coffee with a smile
  • Customer Service

It is very important for a customer to know what kind of service he is receiving at any coffee house. Baristas must be aware of their job in order to give a service to the customer. The barista must welcome customers, understand what they are looking for, try to understand their taste or suggest them a beverage according to their taste preferences. For customers to enjoy, baristas need to prepare the beverage properly and efficiently and then present it with a bright smile so that the customer feels pleased. In this way of providing good customer service, baristas can provide the customer with a great experience.

  • Knowledge of Coffee

A barista must be a coffee expert. They should know about coffee growth, production, preparation, and taste. The barista should be aware of the taste of different types of coffee flavors and the taste relating to each one. They need to know what to provide when someone asks for “rich or strong” coffee. But remember, the most important thing is roasting the beans. This impacts not only the coffee flavor but also the entire brew. A barista must be an expert in knowing the exact temperate for a perfect coffee.

  • Reliability

If you are a trusted person, your employer will depend on you. This can be an advantage for you given the fact that you can get your desired hours of shift and a little flexibility on the performance.

  • Speed

To become an expert barista, you must be a multitasker. Baristas should move very fast in their orders, as their job is to serve a good coffee in limited time and busy schedule.

  • Team Work

A barista’s job is a commutative job, and that’s why they should be good team workers. They should be trusted by their teammates. The team can trust them to have their backs during a rush, high-pressure time. The barista should work well with their co-workers.

  • Cash Management

As a barista also plays the role of a bartender, they have to handle espresso machines and manage the cash at the same time, sometimes for multiple people within five minutes. This is a very skillful asset in this business.

  • Unflappability

Baristas know that when a customer yells at you, to keep your cool. When something goes wrong, the coffee bartender needs to stay calm and solve the problem. This is important at coffee shops where there are too many customers at a time.


So, as we can see, a barista’s job is not easy. We may think that making espresso or other coffee is their only job but in reality, they have to handle so many things at the same time.

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