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A Brief History of Cafe Latte

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History of latte

A coffee drink combination of espresso and steamed milk is the famous brew known as cafe latte. The beverage was created in the 1950s by one of the owners of the Cafe Mediterranean in Berkeley, California.

Lattes became popular in the 1980s in Seattle, also giving a great thanks to Starbucks because they traveled across the USA over the next decade. Lattes are a staple diet in America.

Variation in the Drink

The famous ‘cafe latte’
  1. Latte is a creamy espresso drink, creamier than its other counterparts. This coffee generally has more froth than a cappuccino and serves best in a tall glass with lots of cream or foam in the upper part. Some latte outlets serve a different type of latte by drawing a person’s image on the top of it, making it uniquely decorated. This is used by a latte art coffee​ printer.
  2. There are varieties of lattes around the world. For example, in Lisbon and California, they create it in different recipes than the United States.
  3. Between latte and cappuccino, latte always gets the upper hand because it’s only made from two ingredients, espresso and steamed milk.
  4. Latte can be made cooler with the addition of different syrups with sugar or sugar-free or with the addition of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate.
  5. Cafe mocha aka mochaccino is a type of cafe latte. In this, the top layer is covered with chocolate. The name is taken from a city of Yemen, ‘Mocha’. This city was one of the early attractions for the trade of coffee.
  6. Starbucks is one of the biggest, leading retail companies in the market of coffee. In India, there are many cities that introduced the newest version of cafe latte. Hyderabad, the city where masala chai was introduced, had its base replaced with coffee.
  7. Different types of lattes, namely mocha chocolate flavored or masala chai (spiced Indian tea), were created between June 2017 and June 2018.

Keep Yourself Warm with a Cup of Latte

Drink Latte, Be Warm

Apart from the fact coffee also strengthens the DNA, it serves as a great excuse for taking a break. We all know how busy we are all day. All of us need a break from the buzz around. Coffee is a good excuse to take a break.

Drinking coffee is also good for health. There is a difference in regular coffee and cafe latte. Regular coffee is made of two ingredients: water and the ground pit of the coffee cherry. Cafe latte is made using three ingredients: water, ground coffee, and steamed milk. Americans call it the only latte.

If you are going through a bad day or you get caught in the middle of cold weather, surely latte can boost up your day and make warmer. So, go and get one of your lattes!

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