All About Calories in Latte

Measurement of calories

With espresso as the base and added steamed milk, a latte is one of the most sought after brews of coffee in the world.

In Europe, coffee is consumed heavily and considered to be a staple diet. There are many versions of the drink, all having different names in different countries; however, the recipe remains the same for each one.

Calories in Latte Coffee

Latte is high on calories

Due to the fact that a latte has a higher quantity of milk than espresso, the amount of calories present in a cup of latte is more than in one cup of espresso.

A cup of latte that is prepared using normal milk has 67 calories. If you change to whole milk, the calories that you consume are 57 calories. Furthermore, if you change the milk to skim milk, the number of calories reduces to 47 calories. If you love to enjoy a large cup of latte coffee, then it might be worth the calories.

Latte Compared to Other Coffee

Mocha and latte

A cup of latte macchiato has more calcium, due to the higher milk content. Espresso has no milk which is why it has no calcium; however, the caffeine is what makes it special. A cup of cappuccino has fewer calories than a regular cup of latte due to the low content of milk, as compared to a traditional latte coffee.

As you can see, the number of calories in a latte can be altered by changing the type of milk from whole milk to fat and then finally to skim milk, all varying in the number of calories.


Chocolate syrup forms a primary part in the preparation of mocha, which is why the calorie content in this drink is higher than in a cup of latte.

Almond Milk Coffee

Although the number of calories in this brew is lower than in the latte coffee, the number of nutrients such as protein and calcium are also present in fewer quantities.

How to Decrease Calories in Your Latte

Decreased calorie latte
  • Switching milk

If you want to decrease your milky latte, the first thing you need to do is switch the milk, as the type of milk you drink has a significant impact on its overall caloric content. In case you consume more than three cups of lattes every day, consider switching to skim milk without milk and sugar, because a large black cup of coffee contains only four calories. This way you will still be able to satisfy your desire to drink coffee.

  • Choose the smaller one

A regular cup of latte coffee consists of more than 100 calories than a small size. Switching to a smaller cup will save you from extra calories. If you don’t want to leave a latte’s original taste, then just order a small, milk based coffee as a double shot or ‘strong’.

  • Cut the sugar

In order to cut the calories present in your latte, just cut the amount of sugar you consume with your coffee.

So, count the calories and live a happy, healthy life with your latte by your side!

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