Attractive Coffee Template Items


In all over the world, coffee is used as an attractive drink. Also, it is a native drink in many African countries like Madagascar, Comoros, and Mauritius. It is prepared from roasted coffee beans. People make this drink attractive by using different types of coffee templates and templates molders.

These templates have some designs to give their attractive look towards customers. A cup of coffee provides soothing relief for tired peoples and brightens their mood. The color and design have a catchy look to attract customers and compel everyone to buy these beautiful templates and coffee making machines. Do you want to have them in your kitchen? Check out the following amazing coffee making products!

16pcs Coffee Template Molder


  • A catchy coffee template molder has multiple adorable designs with 16pcs.
  • These molders sprinkle fun on the coffee cup with its beautiful color.
  • Templates make the party fun and make it more interesting for customers and others.
  • Coffee templates are used as multi-purpose for the decoration of cakes and pastries.
  • The Diameter of this template molder is 8.5 cm.
  • The material of this model is the food-grade PP.
Attractive Coffee Template Items
Attractive Coffee Template Items


  • This coffee template molder is easy to use.
  • It is portable so that you can take it with you anywhere.
  • It takes less space in the kitchen and creates no disturbance in the kitchen.

100pcs Paper Coffee Filter


  • The material of filters is high-quality original pulp without bleacher.
  • These filters trap bitter particulates from coffee and give them a smooth look.
  • These paper filters are multifunctional to brew coffee by utilizing the drip method.
  • Also, they provide a flavorful and clean coffee cup.
Attractive Coffee Template Items
Attractive Coffee Template Items
  • Available 100x filter papers in different sizes depending on your needs and interest.
  • Available colors are light brown, skin, and light pink.


  • It is lightweight and is easy to use.
  • Filters have an excellent capacity to capture particles.
  • Filter papers are designed in a way that performs filtration efficiently.
  • It occupies less space and retains particles quickly.

1.6L Espresso Electrical Coffee Machine


  • Prepare Cappuccino coffee by using this coffee maker.
  • The machine has a detachable 1.6L water tank.
  • The frothing nozzle creates frothing in the cup to give it a good look.
  • Its color is black.
Attractive Coffee Template Items
Attractive Coffee Template Items
  • The Water tank capacity of it is 1.6 L.
  • The maximum cord length is 0.8 m.
  • The most reliable weight is 3.21 kg.
  • Its pump pressure is 15 Bar.
  • The Voltage range is 220V-24oV.
  • The Power range is 850W as W stands for Watt.
  • Its housing material is Aluminum.


  • Easy to use.
  • It can generate large orders or a plentiful supply of coffee.
  • It takes one corner of the kitchen for the setting.
  • All types of coffee can be prepared through this.

These coffee template molders help to prepare more attractive cups of coffee. People have fond of buying it as it develops more attraction. You people can also drink restaurant-style coffee at home by using these molders or templates. So do not worry about bulk cups of coffee and grab these templates and coffee machine now!