Roasting Your Coffee Beans: Tips And Tricks

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If your morning doesn’t start without a coffee, you must be very fussy about the taste as well. No matter how much you try to make a good coffee, the taste will not come if the coffee roasting is not done right. Today we’re going to talk about how to roast the coffee beans in various methods and the perfect procedure. The best black coffee taste comes from homemade roasting of coffee beans. So why even use it back when you have our guide to do it in the perfect manner?

Buy The Unroasted Green Beans.

Always think about the weight of the coffee that you want to have and buy a double amount of green beans. For example, if you want one pound of coffee, you will have to buy 2 lb oven-roasted green beans. Do not try to put the unroasted beans in your mouth because it tastes horrible. There are a lot of online platforms from where you can buy them, so you do not have to necessarily go out in the market and search for the same. But it is always a good option to do some research before you know what to buy and what not to. 


Preparing The Equipment- Best Black Coffee

Most of the amazing coffee companies have large equipment, but you cannot possibly have it at home. That is the exact reason why you can grind your coffee in small segments. Instead of buying a coffee roaster with one $50 you can also try doing it in the popcorn popper. The only objective is to heat the beans in a restricted area so that it comes into a temperature of 450 degrees. The popcorn popper will be a piece of perfect equipment for doing this job, and the Alternatives can be metal mixing bowl with a heat gun and even cast-iron skillet. 

Start With The Roasting

As soon as you start with the procedure, you will hear a lot of crack sounds. Keep stirring so that each of the beans cracks up. The crack sound will make you understand that the husk is separated from the actual coffee. You can blow out the husk as per your convenience from the top. Make sure that the roasting is light enough so that you have much more caffeine inside the cup. If you need lighter caffeine content, you will want to quit when the roasting is half done. 

Cooling The Beans

Once the roasting looks perfect, it is time that you remove the beans and cool it down. Spread them out on a cookie sheet and let them air-dry. If you want a faster process, you can also put it in front of a box fan. Just to remind you that it will be scorching hot, so be very careful while handling it.

Roasting Your Coffee Beans- Tips And Tricks
Roasting Your Coffee Beans- Tips And Tricks

Start The Brew- Best Black Coffee

After cooling it down, you should put them in a container and breathe for about five days. Once it is done, you can start brewing for the freshest coffee. 

Roasting coffee beans is not rocket science if you know how to do it right. Homemade roasted coffee beans are way better than what you get on the markets. 

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