Best Coffee Drinks You Should Try

Best Coffee Drinks You Should Try

Human beings have long been exploring coffee. It is a wide-ranging and tasty beverage liked by people across the world. You might have come across several lists including beverages and food you need to try before you die but not a specific list on the best coffee drinks.

So, here is the list for you to enjoy your coffee like never before.

Best Coffee Drinks You Should Try
Best Coffee Drinks You Should Try

Best Coffee Drinks – Cappuccino

Coffee lovers and aficionados need to try cappuccino because of their fantastic taste. So, what is the proper ratio of cappuccino? People have it in cups ranging in 4 to 6 ounces in size. Half of what you are served is foam along with steamed milk and brewed espresso.

You need to wait for the drink to settle down for at least a minute. This wait time will also allow the foam to firm up. Next, you can indulge in having the beverage with milk going on your mustache provided you have one. Enjoy cappuccino by having it slowly but methodically. You will get to enjoy the different stages of this whimsical beverage.


It might come as a surprise for you to know that many coffee lovers have never have had the scope of enjoying a good sip of the excellent espresso. If you are fond of coffee, then you should experience this amazing drink at least once in your lifetime. It is a world-class beverage available in all well-known cafes across the world.

Espresso is served along with a demitasse spoon for the coffee lovers to have a smooth sip. You need to stir the cream in by using the spoon and then take a second sip. Allow the beverage to cool a bit and then enjoy it slowly. If espresso is brewed in the right way, its taste will be excellent and unique for sure.

Affogato – The Best Coffee Drinks You Ever Had

Affogato is a gem of a minuscule dessert. Every coffee aficionado should try at least once in life. It speaks of a pretty straightforward build- brewing an espresso shot and adding some ice cream on top.

It is enjoyed lukewarm, and the beverage is pretty quick at cooling down. Therefore, you need to be fast at drinking it and finishing it off by having the ice cream before it shrinks. Alternatively, you can even brew directly onto the ice cream scoop for further blending espresso with iced dessert. 

Best Coffee Drinks You Should Try
Best Coffee Drinks You Should Try

Maragogype Coffee

Maragogype is bean style coffee with its origin in Brazil. It is a bigger variety of coffee beans produced in Guatemala, Mexico, and Central America.

The soft, buttery flavor and balance of Maragogype coffee have made it famous. It tastes completely different because the beans are not as dense as the smaller varieties. They are well-known as huge beans or elephant beans. 

Best Coffee Drinks – Spanish Coffee

Spanish coffee is a theatrical and dramatic beverage involving flames and fire. It is better than Irish coffee that has gained massive popularity across the world. The basic build of this coffee drink is overproof rum added to the sugar-rimmed glass.

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