Brew-tal Facts About Tea Addiction – Number 2 Busts All Myths

The Buzz It Temporary-Myth Behind Tea Addiction

Most people think that t is something that gives them the alertness in the body. But did you know that when the effects wear off, it can make you feel even more tired? The change can cause low energy and mood swings, and you continue having cups of tea all throughout the day. That in itself is the cause of addiction.

Does Caffeine Addiction Happens Because Of Tea?

According to the researchers, caffeine addiction can happen if the person is having tea for a long time. If caffeine enters the bloodstream, the body can grow tolerant towards the chemical. But until and unless a person is having huge amounts of tea, that is not supposed to happen. Actually, it is better than coffee because there is lesser caffeine content. While a cup of coffee has 100 mg of caffeine, any kind of tea can have a maximum of 60 milligrams.

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