Buongiorno Espresso!

Are you a big fan of the morning black coffee that wakes you up right away? Well, let me give you something even better than that… Espresso! People often wonder what the big difference is between black coffee and espresso; however, coffee lovers know that it’s not the coffee that is different, it is the way it is made that makes the difference.

This beverage is known to be the most suitable and healthy drink consumed in the morning. Authentic Italian espresso is made using dark brown beans that have a high amount of caffeine in it.

Single shot of espresso- 25 grams of ground coffee beans

A Single Shot of Espresso Has At Least 25 Grams of Ground Coffee Beans

The whole point of making an espresso is to use the right amount and level of water, coffee, temperature, and pressure. If you add anything which is more or less than the required amount, it changes the entire taste and effect of the espresso.

Follow The Below Espresso Steps To Experience The Right Effect

  • Weigh the coffee beans to equal 25 to 35 grams, for a single shot of espresso.
  • Boil the water to a maximum temperature of 180 degrees and then leave it for 10 seconds before you add it.
  • While the water boils, grind the coffee beans until it is coarse and fine.
  • Mix the coffee powder with water, in the espresso machine, for 10 seconds.
  • Push the lid slightly, forcing the coffee out. This is supposed to be done for 40-50 seconds.
  • In order to make it less concentrated, you can add some more water to the final espresso product.

In short, espresso is made by forcing pressurized, boiled water through finely ground coffee.

Espresso beans

Espresso Can Be Made With Any Type of Coffee Bean

Something better than the process of preparing espresso is that you can use any type of coffee bean. In case you are a hardcore coffee lover then you can choose dark brown beans that have a high content of caffeine. If you prefer something smooth, go with Arabica seeds. The Lavazza beans are known to create the best flavor of espresso. Other coffee beans include Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans and Italian Roast Espresso Beans. As you can see, a special quality of beans is turned into Espresso-roasted beans that can be used to prepare this drink.

So once again, Buongiorno Espresso! Hope your day is a sweet and awakening as a good, old espresso.

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