Caffeine Content Of Different Types Of Coffee

Caffeine Content Of Different Types Of Coffee

One of the most famous drinks is coffee. It is also rich in caffeine. However, its amount can vary based on various factors like types, the brand, and also the process of brewing. As per the FDA, you can get about 90 mg of caffeine from 8 ounces of coffee. Here, you will get to know about the caffeine content of various types of coffee. 

Caffeine Content Of Brewed Coffee 

A cup or 8 ounces of brewed or filter coffee can provide you with about 95 mg of caffeine. You can make it in various ways, like using a percolator or filter. You can also use a French press to make freshly brewed coffee. 

Caffeine Content Of Different Types Of Coffee
Caffeine Content Of Different Types Of Coffee

Decaffeinated Brewed Coffee 

Contrary to its name, it has some amount of caffeine. From 8 ounces of decaf coffee, you can get around 2 mg of caffeine. 

Cold Brew

A cold brew is not similar to iced coffee. While I the latte, you only serve the coffee over ice cubes, the former needs the soaking of coffee powder in water for a minimum of 8 hours and maximum a day at room temperature. In 2017, a study proved that from 12 ounces of cold brew, you could get caffeine from 153 mg to 238 mg. 

Caffeine Content Of Instant Coffee

Take instant coffee granules or powder and pour hot water over them. It has caffeine about 62 mg, which is quite low in comparison to the freshly brewed one. 


To make the strong espresso, you need to pour boiling water on the top quality coffee powder. Wither you need a Moka pot on the stovetop or a coffee machine. Only one ounce of espresso can give you 63 mg of caffeine. Thus, you need to have espresso in a small cup or not so frequently. 

Factors To Influence The Caffeine Content

 Several reasons work together to influence the amount of caffeine in the coffee. 

  • First of all, the types of beans you are using decide the caffeine. Robusta beans have more caffeine than the Arabica beans. 
  • The size of the serving cup
  • What type of roasting you are following
  • Quantity of coffee powder you are using while brewing it
Caffeine Content Of Different Types Of Coffee
Caffeine Content Of Different Types Of Coffee

Content Of Caffeine Depending On Brands

  • Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the most reputed coffee brands. The brewed coffee of this brand offers 210 mg of caffeine, latte 119 mg, 260 mg in cold brew, 10 mg in decaf coffee, and 249 mg in their Americano. If you order an espresso at Dunkin’ Donuts, you will get almost 85 mg from a single shot. 
  • You have already heard, even tasted the coffee of Starbucks. But do you have any idea about the amount of caffeine you are getting from each cup of their aromatic coffee? Their 12-ounce cappuccino offers 75 mg of caffeine, while caramel macchiato gives 75 mg. You will get 155 mg of caffeine from 12 ounces of cold brew and 235 mg from the same quantity of pike place roast. However, the decaf pike place roast will provide you with only 20 mg caffeine. 
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