Caffeine For Your Health: Too Good To Be True?


Caffeine for your health, it can bring a lot of benefits when you drank in a limited amount. So, three cups a day is good for your health. There is over 80 per cent of people in the United States who think that they cannot lead their life without coffee. 

It’s not only coffee there are many other sources of caffeine like tea and other popular drinks. At least, 90 per cent of the people consume caffeine on a daily basis in one or another way. But there are many studies which have already proved that coffee has many health benefits too. It generally helps in preventing many serious diseases and health issues. You will find that coffee can prevent some types of cancer; it can reduce risks of dementia and Parkinson’s. Along with that coffee can increase concentration and even memory power as well. The main reason behind this is coffee beans are nothing but healthy seeds. 

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Coffee is one of the amazing drinks which offers a lot of compounds that are biologically active. Along with its own benefits, it also contains a substance called caffeine. Caffeine also provides a lot of health benefits. It is a mild stimulant and it has the capacity to reduce the risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease. 

Caffeine For Your Health: Too Good To Be True?
Caffeine For Your Health: Too Good To Be True?

But caffeine is a substance that can cause a lot of health issues as well. It is not good for people suffering from osteoporosis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Meantime caffeine has one more side effect that is it easily interacts with common medications and it may worsen conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and even heartburn. Hence it is very important to check the caffeine content in foods and drinks you intake. It is not good to excessive caffeine intake to 300 mg. for a day 300 mg is considered to be a moderate amount that is safe. 

Here are a few things to consider before you drink coffee or caffeine intake more than the recommended level. If you are consuming caffeine more than the normal level, it can result in many bad effects. 

Caffeine and coffee can increase your anxiety levels. The intake of these two can enhance disturbed sleep patterns. In the long term, you will face issues such as restless sleep. It is not a good idea to rely on caffeine intake for reducing fatigue in the day time. Coffee can result in insomnia as well. 

Caffeine comes with another reaction that is interacting with medications. It easily interacts with diabetic and thyroid medications. Another thing is people who are consuming drugs for depression and psychiatric issues should always avoid coffee and caffeine. This is because caffeine can easily interact with these drugs. Coffee intake should also be reduced by people who are using a heartburn drug called Tagamet and antibiotic called Cipro. 

Caffeine For Your Health: Final Thoughts

Caffeine For Your Health: Too Good To Be True?
Caffeine For Your Health: Too Good To Be True?

There are many drinks and food which actually bring a lot of benefits when consumed in limited amounts. For example, coffee is good in many conditions but it can be really bad for people suffering from certain health issues mentioned above. Even though a normal person can drink three cups of coffee a day, it is better to avoid coffee and caffeine by people with health issues.

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