World Various Coffee Beans

Coffee Across The World: Various Coffee Beans

Have you ever thought of the different types of coffee beans that exist in the world? Perhaps not. Even I became astonished to discover the huge variety of coffee across the world. 

Let us have a small discussion on it. This way, you can enjoy this drink using different types in your favorite cafeteria from now on. You can also try out some in your home to surprise your partner and guests.

Coffee Across The World: Various Coffee Beans

Different Species Of Coffee Across The World

Among the different types of species, they are majorly divided into two kinds, Arabica and Robusta.


Latin America is the primary producer of this species. It is the most popular type of beans worldwide and captures more than 60% market share of the coffee industry. They are the better quality compared to the Robusta.

It dominates the world with its unparallel taste. Experts say it ‘the mountain variety’ because they grow at high altitudes. And it requires sufficient shade and plenty of rainfall.

It is extremely delicate. You will hardly get success to grow it in the wrong environment. But they have strong immunity against plant diseases. The quality of the beans varies depending on the climatic condition.

The unusual, complex aroma is the key factor that has made it so popular all over the world.


These beans are bitter and stronger than the other one. It is suitable for those who love to have a strong one. The caffeine content in this variation is much higher compared to that of Arabica.

Liberica and Excelsa are the other two lesser-known variations. Liberica is grown only in the Philippines, and the other one is seen in South East Asia. They contribute to 7% of the total consumption approximately.

Excelsa came from Liberica. But people consider it to be different due to the differences in their profile.

Liberica gained popularity when Arabica crops destroyed because of coffee rust. The Philippines started to produce it and became the only major supplier.

This variation has a distinct type of smoky aroma.

Coffee Across The World: Various Coffee Beans

Some Common Varieties Of Coffee Across The World


It is a variety of Arabica. This is the most sought after variation which covers a large region including Java, Kona, Jamaica, and many more. Yemen started to produce this, and gradually it gained great popularity in India, Indonesia, and Malabar even kept firm footprints to far West Indies.


It is again the widely used sub-variety of Typica. The French harvested this plant first in an island called Bourbon. It spread in Central and South America eventually. Another reason what has made this variation so popular is its massive production. It produces more beans than the Typica.

Gesha is an original variety of Typica. It has got its name from an Ethiopian village. Panama produces it on a large scale.

This article does not cover all the varieties out there, but I have tried to mention the significant types. So, have a through idea about the different types.

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