Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Apart from tea, coffee is the next famous beverage that almost everyone loves. Introduced in the 15th-century, coffee is one of the most popular drinks viable worldwide. Every country with all the states consists of vast numbers of Coffee Lover. Owing to its popularity worldwide, a huge amount of coffee production takes place. Moreover, there also exist various variants of coffee as well that one can choose from. While some love to have strong coffee, some prefer it light and without sugar. Therefore to cater to the needs of all coffee lovers, there exist various forms. Moreover, coffee is also a multi-dollar industry, as well. Let us have a look at some interesting facts every coffee lover should know.

Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know
Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Coffee Drinking Cat- Interesting Fact For Coffee Lover

You will find it interesting to know that apart from individuals, even cats, too, are coffee lovers. The oldest cat ever named Creme Puff used o drink coffee every morning for her whole life. Isn’t this fact an interesting and weird one?

Finland Consumes Most Coffee- Interesting Fact For Coffee Lover

 As compared to other countries, Finland consumes the most amount of coffee. However, this is because Finland experiences freezing temperatures. Therefore to stay warm and prevent cold bites, the residents of Finland consume a massive amount of coffee every day.

Coffee Beans Are In Reality Berries- Interesting Fact For Coffee Lover

Coffee beans are called so because they resemble the shape of beans. But in actual reality, these are not beans but berries. Moreover, with sufficient sunlight, the green berries slowly change into red hues, which is then harvested to make the coffee powder.

Coffee Do Not Dehydrate The Body- Interesting Fact For Coffee Lover

Coffee consists of a high amount of caffeine, which can dehydrate the body. Moreover, in some instances, caffeine also leads to tremendous loss of fluids as well. However, having coffee in a mild form cannot dehydrate the human body. Instead, it is therapeutic to drink coffee in a mild form.

Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know
Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know

Coffee Got Discovered By A Goat Herder

This is another interesting fact for coffee lovers. As per the popular tales, it was a goat herder who discovered coffee. Moreover, it was his goats that helped him in this discovery. The goat herder noticed that his goats became quite energetic after eating certain wild berries. And eventually, the story spread, and today we have coffee as our breakfast drink.

Before Coffee Beer Was The Breakfast Drink 

Before the discovery of coffee, beer was the primary breakfast drink of almost every individual. However, coffee soon replaced it after its discovery.

Brazil The Largest Producer Of Coffee

The largest producer of coffee in the world is Brazil. Moreover, it produces 40% of the world’s coffee; the rest getting imported from foreign lands. Moreover, brazil also has a favorable climate all round the year that results in a fast ripening of the coffee berries.

Coffee Into Biodiesel

 Apart from acting as our beverage, one can also use coffee as biodiesel as well.

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