Coffee Types Around The World

A cup of coffee sitting on top of a wooden table

People from the different corners of the world prefer coffee as their most preferred drink. It won’t be wrong to say that the morning ritual of most people is like, wake up and grab a cup of coffee. Then there are coffee addicts who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Coffee types around the world varies from place to place. The core ingredient of the coffee remains the same, but there is slight alternation in the way they are made, giving it a different taste. Nowadays, coffee isn’t just a drink; it has become a culture. Starbucks and other coffee chains are taking the coffee market by storm as there is an increase in coffee consumption.

Coffee isn’t a beverage anymore; it has now become a part of our lives. People from different countries take this drink in their unique style. There various types of coffee available around the world.

Some Unique Style Of Coffee Types Around The World

  • The Affogato is an Italian classic; this type of coffee is made by combining espresso and gelato. Gelato means freshly prepared ice-cream, which is a very famous Italian dessert. The word “affogato” means to drown, and here it means a scoop of gelato is drowning in the expresso.
  • In northern Scandinavian drinking, Kaffeost is like a tradition. Kaffeost may sound absurd to many people, but it’s a very famous drink. The process of preparing the coffee is also quite different; hot coffee is poured over a cube of cheese.
  • Turkish coffee is known all around the world, but it is very rarely found in western countries. The uniqueness of this coffee is the way it is made.

Only the mode of preparation does differ around the world. the way people drink it also varies

Ultimate Game Controller Shaped Coffee Mug

Ultimate Game Controller Shaped Coffee Mug

Ultimate Game Controller Shaped Coffee Mug unique coffee cup is excellent for gamers who are coffee addicts. The unique style of the bowl gives the feeling of holding a gaming controller. This gaming controller shaped mug doesn’t have a regular handle but in the shape of a gaming controller


  • It’s durable and easy to wash.
  • The controller grip makes it easy to handle
  • Perfect Gift for a gamer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect both hot and cold beverages

Rainbow Guitar Shaped Coffee Mixing Spoon

Rainbow Guitar Shaped Coffee Mixing Spoon

Who doesn’t like to add a bit of color to their dull, monotonous life?  With coffee trending all around the world, we find different coffee-related products are coming with a bit of uniqueness. It’s cute and colorful and looks great and will match your personality

The Rainbow Guitar Shaped Coffee Mixing Spoon has unique colorful variants. These spoons are in the shape of a guitar and come in funky colors, unlike our regular spoons. The Rainbow Guitar spoon can lift your mood instantly. You can also use it for your afternoon tea with your friends and family. This coffee mixing spoon is not just for coffee. You can use it for mixing tea and milk. These spoons are perfect for juices and your small informal cocktail parties. Your guest will surely love these spoons if are throwing a music-themed party.


  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • Nice, Colorful, and funky.
  • Easy to wash and durable.
  • Guitar shaped spoons.
  • Comes in different funky colors.
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