Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide

Cold brew coffee is very famous dark brown beverages. Talking personally, it is one of my favorite dark brown beverages. You can look for this beverage at every coffee shop. You can even try this out at home. Though many of you have tried this.

Although this is a tasty business beverage, many are ready to spend the right amount for this delicious cold beverage. Hence there are many big chains like star buck, Coffee Café Day, and others having a separate or long list of these iced beverages.

Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide
Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

There are many ways to prepare an excellent tasty cold brew coffee. The most common or popular way is Dutch coffee or the Kyoto Style. This is very simple, but time taking method of preparing coffee.

To prepare brew coffee by The Dutch coffee method or the Kyoto Style. You need to dip the coffee ground in the water at room temperature. This can take a few hours or some days. In the end, you will get a strong syrup coffee. This coffee syrup can be mixed with water and ice as per your taste.

Though this is different from the regular hot coffee. As regular hot coffee require heat or hot water to extract flavor and oils from the ground coffee. While brew coffee takes time to remove flavors and oils from the coffee ground, but the final flavor got are very different and tasty compared to the conventional hot brewing method.

Cold brew coffee consists of a lower amount of caffeine compared to the hot coffee. It is famous for its lower acidity levels. However, it is suitable for health and taste.

Best Coffee Bean To Use For Brew Coffee

There are not such particular beans to recommend for this cold coffee. It depends on the type of roast. Almost beans with light to medium roast will give you a perfect blend of flavors. Hence these lightly roast beans are filled with immense flavor and oils which provide delicious taste to your brew coffee.

But to extract the flavors from the lighter roast beans is quite severe. Hence while using the light roast beans, you have to keep Patience and do some experiments.

An Exotic Coffee Recipe

Although there are many ways to prepare your cold coffee. It can be vanilla bourbon flavor coffee, Mexican flavor cold coffee, and the list goes on. Here is a tasty recipe to prepare Vanilla Bourbon Flavor Cold Coffee for you.

Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide For You

Vanilla Bourbon Flavour Cold Coffee Recipe

You need to add the below mentioned ingredients at the beginning of brewing.

Bourbon 2 ounce

Sugar 2 tbsp.

Vanilla extracts 1 tbsp.

Almond extracts 1 tbsp.

Vanilla bean 1 sliced (this is optional. But it will add immense flavor to your coffee)

Basic Instruction To Prepare Your Coffee

You need to add coffee, water, and the other flavors in a jar.

Stir it properly and then cover it.

Keep it at room temperature for 12 to 24 hour and more.

Filter it. You will get the diluted coffee syrup. Now add your syrup to water and ice as per your wish and enjoy.

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