Decaf Coffee Good Or Bad For Health?

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Decaf Coffee – Good or Bad? It is a question that many people want an answer to. However, what is it? How to prepare coffee and what are its benefits? Today in this article we shall talk about all these things and help you find an answer to this.

Apart from that, we shall also talk about what are the differences between decaf coffee and normal coffee. Read on to know more.

What Is Decaf Coffee?

Decaf Coffee – Good Or Bad For Health?
Decaf Coffee – Good Or Bad For Health?

It is a coffee that has been decaffeinated – in other words, the coffee from which the content of caffeine has been removed almost completely.

It will be very similar to the normal coffee in terms of taste and it also looks like coffee. We do not say that it does not contain caffeine at all, but the percentage is very less. It is next to negligible.

How Is Caffeine Removed?

This is what makes coffee a decaf coffee. It is very similar to normal coffee but only contains a negligible amount of caffeine.

To remove caffeine, manufacturers use many techniques. They steam or soak unroasted coffee beans in chemicals and water. The most commonly used chemicals are activated charcoal, methylene chloride, supercritical carbon dioxide or ethyl acetate.

Apart from that, some manufacturers use water to remove caffeine because it is soluble in water as well. However, the negative result of it is that apart from caffeine, it also dissolves other important compounds like proteins and sugar.

These days, the usage of water to remove caffeine is limited and more manufacturers have started using chemicals. It is because using chemicals increases the speed of the decaffeination process. Moreover, they also help in retaining other compounds while removing caffeine. Usually, the decaffeination process is done before they are roasted.

Decaf Coffee – Good Or Bad?

Decaf Coffee – Good Or Bad For Health?
Decaf Coffee – Good Or Bad For Health?

Now we come to the point! A study from the year 2017 revealed that there are very less harmful effects of decaf coffee. However, since people use methylene chloride to remove caffeine, some people have raised concerns because it is known to be harmful to health.

Methylene chloride is known to slow down the central nervous system temporarily. Apart from that, it is known to affect a person’s hand-eye coordination and his attention. Moreover, it is also known to have many negative effects including headache, drowsiness, irritability, coughing, wheezing, and drowsiness.

Despite all this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the usage of methylene chloride. Yet, the only condition is that you should not use caffeine more than 100 ppm.


Let me not scare you. Now, let us talk about the health benefits that decaf coffee has. Research that has been done on decaf coffee also suggests that there are a lot of benefits of the compounds present in the decaf coffee.

A study from the year 2017 suggests that drinking it can prevent cancer. Some of the cancers that it can cure are prostate cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, oral cancer, endometrial cancer, and others.

Therefore, if you consider these as the positive effects, you should consider drinking this kind of coffee. However, you should make sure that you are not doing it over the limit.

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