Five Types Of French Coffee

Five Types Of French Coffee

Coffee and intoxicating aroma is a beverage loved all over the world. France is a perfect destination for coffee lovers. The cafes in France offer you a variety of coffee beans. Besides, you can also try many types of French coffee in these cafes.

Besides, coffee is an efficient mood controller. Moreover, it improves athletic activities and performance. Coffee acts as a wonder for depression and anxiety disorders. Coffee also enhances mental functioning and response time. Thus, regular intake of coffee will rejuvenate your spirit.

Coffee also blocks many diseases. Some significant diseases include-diabetes type 2, cancer, heart diseases, etc. Coffee also revives the skin and stops aging to a certain extent. French people prefer to consume coffee with breakfast. We can drink it at any hour of the day.

Five Types Of French Coffee
Five Types of French Coffee

The five best variants of French coffee are:

Expresso- First Amongst the French Coffee

The word café is the lingual identical of coffee. Besides, Expresso is the thick variant of coffee. French people consume this variant the most. This is a high concentrate, which comes with milk and foam. The foam or the crème on the top dilutes the rawness of the Expresso. You get the most caffeine content in this type. Besides, the brewing technique is also different from the other coffee types. You can even own one expresso machine at your home. Thus, you can have your perfect shot at any moment of the day.

Noisette- Second Amongst the French Coffee

This is identical to the Italian Macchiato. Besides, this is a blend of Expresso with a little amount of milk. You can also mix this with cream. The coffee offers the color of a hazelnut. In the French language, hazelnut is the Noisette. Thus, they name this coffee variant as Noisette.

Cafe Americano–Third Amongst The French Coffee

In this variant, you need to dilute the Expresso with hot water. Besides, the strength of the coffee depends upon the shots of Expresso in this. Thus, this is the traditional filter coffee in the world. The soldiers of World War II consumed this coffee. The taste became so popular that the cafe included this in their menu. You get Americano machines for a perfect cup of café Americano. 

Five Types Of French Coffee
Five Types of French Coffee

Cafe Creme

Cappuccino is an Italian term; Thus, you won’t get this in France. Cafe Crème is the identical variant of the Cappuccino. You can get a milky and creamy option of coffee in the French Cafes. Besides, this is not at all a strong variant of coffee. The milk and sugar content is high in this cup of coffee.


Un DECA, a decaffeinate Expresso, is the freshest addition to the list. Besides, one can consume this as much they want, without the side effects of caffeine.

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