Health Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee has always been a sweetheart. It’s an addiction for many and love for too many. But do you that there are so many health benefits of coffee? No worries if you don’t know. Read further and you will be guilt-free whenever you grab a cup of coffee. As you further read you will discover the health benefits of coffee.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

Benefits Of Coffee

Here are a few but important benefits of coffee. You will be surprised to know some of these.

Gives You Instant Energy

There are so many people on earth that do not own an induction cooktop or a burner to cook food but own a coffeemaker. This is because they need coffee right after they wake up. One cup of coffee and they are ready to take over the world. Before that one cup, you can see them dragging themselves towards the coffeemaker. This is because of the way your brain receptors react to it. It is more likely an instant hit rather than long-lasting energy.

Makes You Less Vulnerable To Depression

A study which was done for 10 years showed that the ladies who drank coffee regularly were at reduced risk of suicide. Also, a study from the Harvard School of Public Health says that females who have coffee regularly are 4% less vulnerable to suffer in depression. Psychologically speaking coffee is a symbol of high-class rich people. And thus, it gives a good feeling to even those who are not that rich. Also, we should not forget what a good hot cup of coffee by the window does to us even on a gloomy day.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

Studies show that coffee consumptions reduce one’s risk of heart diseases. Such studies were conducted on both Korean and Brazilians. And the conclusion of both studies was that people who drink 3 or more cups of coffee on a daily basis, do not show signs of heart risks. But they say too much coffee is as bad as alcohol! But a recent 2019 study confirms that even 25 cups of coffee every day do not harden arteries.

Protects Retina From Damage

Coffee has the ability to protect our retinas that may get damaged from oxidative stress. And his is due to the chlorogenic acid which is an antioxidant present in coffee

Coffee Helps You Live Longer

There are many studies backing up the statement that regular coffee intake helps you live longer. It is clear that people, who die early, die due to diseases or because of accidents. But, those to die of old age die very old. Coffee protects you from serious diseases such as cancer, heart problems, and other such problems. Thus, makes you live longer by making you less vulnerable to death. And this has been concluded in a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

Helps You Get Social In Work Place

Thus, coffee does help in getting social anywhere. Because why would be “ask for coffee’ or ‘take her for a cup of coffee’ than great dating advice of all time? And this benefit has been mentioned under health benefits because good human interactions are also so important for our well being.

Want The Proof?

The Journal of Psychopharmacology had a study published in it saying that people and offices that consume coffee regularly together have good and positive views of themselves and the whole group. Thus, the coffee breaks in workplaces are actually essential.

Thus, we all know that coffee is so versatile yet feels so familiar at the same time. And that’s what makes us have it every day. And now that you also know the health benefits it provides, so go grab a cup of coffee.

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