How Coffee Is Made

A cup of coffee

Coffee brewing is an art. And it needs perfection. With the right process, you can make even an average cup of coffee brilliant. Here are few ideas on how to make the perfect brew. Check them out and learn the trick and you will know how to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee Beans Should Be Perfect

How Coffee Is Made
How Coffee Is Made

Coffee beans make all the difference. When you have the right coffee beans, you will know how much it can change the taste of the coffee. Always get whole beans and grind them on your own. Only then you will be able to ensure that the aroma remains locked. The essential oils that come out of the coffee while grinding make all the difference. Get the beans, roast them, and sell them once the gas has left.

The Correct Grind For Your Coffee Maker

Every coffee maker comes with an instruction manual that shows information about the perfect grind. However, if you are too confused by those instructions, these simple pointers should help. If you have an espresso machine, make fine grind. If it is a drip coffee maker, the grinding should be medium. And, finally, for stovetop, percolators, and drip coffee makers, create coarse grind. Even the French press needs coarse grind.

You should be careful with the grinding part. The taste depends greatly on this. If you make it too finely ground, then the taste will become bitter. However, if you are making the grind too coarse, then again the taste will be quite flat. You will have to balance at all times. In my experience, rather than explaining, it will take a bit of practice to know how to grind your coffee as per the machine you are using. However, you must not do one thing, that is, never grind twice. Once done, it is done.

Get Good Water And At Perfect Temperature

You will probably think that it is easy to ensure that you have the right water, but it isn’t. First of all, you will need the right water. That is, you cannot use softened water or chlorinated water. These will change the taste of the coffee and make it really bad. Always have tap water, and not hard water. If you don’t have any one of these, try getting a good water filter or buy water from stores. The perfect brewing temperature should lie between 195 and 215 degrees Fahrenheit. You must maintain this temperature to get the perfect brew.

How Much To Use?

I will suggest that if you get 6 ounces of water, take one tablespoon of the coffee. This should be perfect.

How Long To Brew

As per my experience, this the ideal brewing time for espresso is about 10 to 30 seconds. For the drip coffee, it will be 5 minutes, and the plunger pot will take about 2 to 4 minutes.

Enjoying Your Brew

How Coffee Is Made
How Coffee Is Made

Pour the brew immediately into a pre-warmed cup. This will not let the drink cool off easily. the temperature should be around 180 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit if you will drink the coffee sometime later. Let the aroma soak in as you enjoy your warm cup and watch your favorite series or do whatever pleases you.

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