How To Make Coffee Stencils Like Professionals?

How To Make Coffee Stencils Like Professionals?

“I want to make my own coffee at home, but I can’t figure out how to make it with coffee in my coffee maker,” is a common query I get from readers of my articles. The simple fact is that coffee is an essential part of the coffee maker experience, and if you don’t have a coffee brewer, you will have to improvise. If you want to know about coffee stencils and how to make your own coffee at home, read on.

Stencils are typically simple shapes like squares, circles, ovals and triangles. They look pretty basic, but they are used by many professional brewers to add some flavor to their coffee. I’m going to show you how to make your own stencils using coffee grounds.

I’m not an expert on coffee makers, so I really didn’t know what to do with the grounds that came with my coffee maker. I actually ran out of the ground at one point. That’s when I realized that I could make stencils out of them, especially if I put the coffee grounds in a blender and used it to mix them up.

To make coffee stencils out of ground coffee, all you need is a blender and a pack of coffee grounds. I don’t know how much coffee grounds you’re going to need, but I’ve found that it’s usually only enough for two or three batches of coffee, so start with this amount of ground coffee.

How To Make Coffee Stencils Like Professionals?
How To Make Coffee Stencils Like Professionals?

Coffee Stencils

You should be able to get ground coffee from almost any store. Here are the steps for making your own stencils out of coffee grounds.

Take the ground coffee and put it into a blender. You should start with a small amount of ground coffee and see how it goes. It should be a little thicker than water. You can always keep adding more ground coffee until you get it right.

Take the coffee grounds that you put in the blender and stir them together. Try to get the grounds to blend together well, but don’t let them blend too much. You will only want about one fourth of the grounds to be left in the blender.

Now that you have blended them, you should have a mixture. That has a nice consistency to it but doesn’t have a very strong taste to it yet. Add in your remaining coffee grounds to your blended up mixture. Mix them up well and you should have a great tasting coffee stencil. That you can use for your next batch of coffee.

How To Make Coffee Stencils Like Professionals?
How To Make Coffee Stencils Like Professionals?

Don’t forget to add a little water to give your coffee some character. And also a little sweetness, and add some acidity to give it a nice, clean taste and free flavor profile. Adding a little sugar or cream will help the coffee to continue to be bitter after you have brewed it. If you add too much water or cream, your coffee will become too sweet. So keep this in mind as you go along.

Other Options

Now you should have a nice looking coffee stencil, but not quite ready to brew your first cup of coffee. Add a little water to the coffee mixture and stir it until it becomes a nice coffee-like consistency.

You can add some vanilla extract to give your coffee that extra bit of flavor. I typically don’t add the extracts because I usually drink my coffee black. But you can add them if you wish. You can then add a few drops of vanilla extract to your coffee mixture, if you wish.

If you have any leftover coffee, you can just refrigerate. It will keep for several weeks before it begins to lose flavor. Just remember to keep it covered so that the moisture won’t evaporate. And you’ll have that perfect coffee that you are looking for!

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