Interesting Facts About Republica Decaf Coffee

A cup of Republica decaf coffee

Republica is a Colombian decaf coffee, grown in one of the country’s biological conservation zones, Valle del Cauca. This valley is home to pristine natural resources and an enriched growing environment that creates naturally excellent coffee.

Republica decaf coffee is an instant as well as organic naturally decaffeinated coffee, where most of the coffee beans decaffeinate through the non-chemical Swiss Water Process.

It tastes better than other decaf coffees because of its texture, aroma, and taste. The Republica decaf coffee is a result of the best beans in the most suitable plantations around the world.

Process of Preparing Republica Decaf Coffee

The coffee machine

Republica coffee is decaffeinated using only water and air. In order for the drink to remain aromatic, the most organic natural methods remove the caffeine. This method developed in Switzerland, known as the Swiss Water Method, became quite popular. In this process, first used by Coffex in the year 1979, a nonsolvent chemical is applied for decaffeinating and for the removal of roasting of the coffee beans.

There is another method where the coffee beans soak in a green caffeine extract, free of caffeine. The flavor components remain in the beans, after which charcoal extracts the remaining caffeine. The end product dries to remove moisture from the beans. If this is to compare to the Swiss method then the preferred one is this because the Swiss Water Process only gives us coffee that is 99.9% free of caffeine.

Decaf coffee actually consists of a changing amount of caffeine, usually about three mg in one cup. Each cup of decaf contains 0 to 7 mg of caffeine. One cup of coffee generally contains about 70-140 mg of caffeine, depending on factors such as the size of the cup, method of preparation, and the type of coffee used.

Health Benefits of Republica Decaf Coffee

Benefits of coffee

Drinking Republica decaf coffee doesn’t have the side-effects of regular coffee. Actually, this coffee:

  1. Helps reduce type 2 diabetes
  2. Less harming on the liver
  3. Reduced risk for heart attack and stroke
  4. Less risky for rectal cancer

As you can see, Republica decaf coffee is surely a go-to for many, due to its popularity and benefits.

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