Interesting Facts About Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee

Vietnamese coffee has a traditional recipe of iced coffee that has gained popularity in recent years.

A Catholic priest from France introduced coffee to the country in the year 1951, when he planted the first Arabica seed in the soil of Vietnam. After demo reforms and opening of the economy, Vietnamese people came to know about coffee. Now, many coffee farms are found throughout the central highlands.

Vietnam is not only the leader in the production of Robusta coffee but is second in line in the production of coffee in the world, as well.

Famous Vietnamese Coffee

Different Vietnamese coffees

Although small plantations located in the southern half of the country produce mostly Robusta coffee, the demand for Coffee Arabica is still 60% higher compared to Robusta.

  • Vietnamese Instant Coffee Mix

Vietnamese Instant Coffee Mix is the best coffee in terms of taste and packaging, surely. One cup of this coffee can boost your energy, increase the attentiveness of your mind, and help you overcome laziness. Believe it or not, the prayers of the insomniac have been answered in the form of this coffee. Quality wise, it is a unique product. It’s suggested to brew it in moderation for the best possible taste. Remember, please follow the instructions written on the pack to get the best results.

  • G7 Pure Black Coffee

You should definitely try the G7 Pure Black Coffee, especially if you like your coffee without sugar and cream. A perfect blend without any sugar ingredient added, it still tastes sweet. Those who love to drink quality black coffee that also isn’t so expensive, the heavenly taste will be sure not to disappoint.

  • Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese

This coffee is completely natural and makes a perfect cup of coffee for those who love to drink an espresso type shot. It has a mixed taste of sugar, chocolate, and rich coffee, helping to enhance your mood in the morning. It is the perfect blend of all types of coffee. Luckily, anyone can buy this coffee at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

  • G7-3-in-1 Instant Coffee

You may wonder the reasoning behind the name. Actually, this name has been given for its 3-in-1 quality. Here’s three facts about it:
a) The foremost quality of this coffee is that it kick starts your day by providing stamina and energy. You can feel the boost in energy with every sip of the coffee. It’s organic and fresh.
b) The taste is bittersweet, but the smell is pure heaven.
c) Easily able to brew in an espresso machine.

  • Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Severed at cafes in Hanoi, Vietnam and is made with brewed coffee, chicken, the yolk of an egg, and condensed milk. The end taste is similar to tiramisu and eggnog.

Classic coffee beans

So, you may of not known any of these Vietnamese coffee drinks before, but they sure do seem interesting to try out.

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