Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee


Coffee is something of which we all know. It is someone’s good morning while for some a drink to make them work at a late hour. Coffee has a fantastic taste. It is made differently as per their making process. Like Cappuccino, Espresso, Irish Coffee, and so on.

Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee
Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee

What Is Coffee?

Coffee grins form of coffee beans. These beans are the seed of berries of Coffee species category. It is one of the most famous and favorite dink of the public. They serve as hot Coffee or cold Coffee.

Hot Coffee is a refreshing drink, during Cold Coffee, one of the most loved drink. Though these are also made with a different process, they are cafe latte, French press, espresso, Irish Coffee.

Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee
Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee

Let’s know more about this amazing drink.

What Is The Irish Coffee?

It is a type of coffee cocktail. There are many different style and way so serving Coffee. Irish Coffee almost marks a history of 100 years. Although before it is much another type of cocktails we served.

It was first served in 1988 by the National Standards Authority of Ireland. Hence we can say it is the native of Ireland. It preparation only require three essential ingredients they are Coffee, Whiskey, and the cream.

Although all the Irish Coffee shares these essential ingredients. Though a slight change in their making process changes the taste and flavor of the Coffee.

Different Ways Of Serving Irish Coffee

Although this Coffee has the composition of three ingredients. But many times, they are presented differently throughout the world.

A three-layered drink, it is also the identity of Irish Coffee in Spain. It is served as a layer of Whiskey, then a thickness of Coffee and a topcoat is presented by the smooth layer of cream.

Bars of South Asia serves this drink in totally a different manner as they serve it without cream though it is iced coffee containing Whiskey.

How To Prepare Irish Coffee

You can make it at home as well. It is not that hard to prepare. Just some simple precautions you will be able to prepare this drink. Though you need some simple ingredients.


Fresh Coffee – 6 ounces (hot)

Sugar – 1 tsp

Brown Sugar- 1 tsp

Irish Whiskey- 1 ½ ounce

Fresh sweet cream (you can also take a little whipped cream)

Heatproof glass or mug for the drink to be serving

Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee
Irish Coffee An Amazing Taste Of Coffee

Steps To Follow

You should preheat your container by pouring some hot water into it. Though this will save it from cracking.

Then pour Coffee into the mug till it fills up to 3/4full

Add the sugar into it. Stir it properly.

Then add brown sugar and make it dissolve

Though the Coffee and sugar are mixed now gently pour Whiskey into it. Then stir it smoothly till it mixes well.

Now place the cream on the top layer. You can also use whipped cream to have a fluffy look.

To get fluffy top layer, you need to whip cream a little.

Your Coffee is ready to serve.