How To Choose Tea Mugs That Match Your KitchenAid Coffee Maker?

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If you love to have hot beverages, then tea and coffee will be your staple options. And if you are a Perpetual coffee lover, then we bet you must have a KitchenAid coffee maker right at your home. But to have perfect satisfaction, you also need to have the perfect tea mugs to go along with it. Therefore today, we’re going to talk about how you can choose the tea mugs that will be a perfect match to your KitchenAid coffee maker. You will be beyond satisfied to have the drink, and your guests will appreciate you highly. Even if you are a beginner in the dimension of beverage accessories, we will help you out. 

coffee maker
coffee maker

Factors That Make A Good Tea Mug

There are a lot of good qualities for serving tea and coffee in a specific container. Ideally, the team should have the following features. 

  • Non-porous- The tea mug that you have should be completely non-porous because otherwise, it will let go of the various flavors, and you will find that the taste is not up to the mark. 
  • It should hold on to the Heat- Everyone likes to have tea or coffee while gossiping, and it won’t be very pleasant if the tea or coffee gets cool fast. Try to take a mug with a wide rim; we just never had the bottom. It will ensure that the bottom part of the beverage remains hot for a longer time. 
  • Thin lip- It is important for the tea mug to do you have a very thin lip so that the beverage can transfer from the cup to your lips in a smooth manner. It will enhance the flavor, and you will find that the coffee tastes more satisfactory. 
  • Chemically safe- one should remember that the tea mug material should be food-grade quality and non-toxic. It is always important to enhance that the material is BPA free. 
How To Choose Tea Mugs That Match Your KitchenAid Coffee Maker?
How To Choose Tea Mugs That Match Your KitchenAid Coffee Maker?

Materials To Serve In – Kitchenaid Coffee Maker

  • Glass- Nothing can ever be to the classiness of glass mugs because it is one of the ideal beverage servers. Always make sure that the glass is vitrified so that there is no reaction with the tea or coffee. But if you do not want to cool down the beverage fast, you can try to grab a double-wall glass mug. 
  • Bone china or ceramic- This is a vintage material that has been used for ages, and it has a beautiful glaze. It is completely non-porous, and there is a smooth shape of the bone china as well as the porcelain cups so that the beverage does not stick. 
  • Stainless steel-Stainless steel is going to be a very Hardy material, and the material is perfect for tea mugs to match your KitchenAid coffee. But it can be a little bit inconvenient because the heat transfers to the edge pretty fast.

Always make sure that you are having any material rather than plastic because it is not recommended by the beverage expert at all. Always try to find a new option so that not only the material is good, but the design is pretty as well. Make your kitchen complete with the coffee maker and the tea mugs so that you are always ready for guests.

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