Know The Health Reasons To Drink Coffee

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Have you ever wondered about science-backed health reasons to drink coffee? You must be shocked that coffee, instead of caffeine, could be healthy. Right!

Well, coffee is a lot more than caffeine, and it has many health benefits instead of making you attentive. Coffee is a popular beverage in the whole world with its fair share of ardent followers. However, ever now and then, people always get entangled into the discussion of whether coffee is healthy or not. 

To end that discussion once and for all, here are some health benefits of drinking coffee regularly. 

Coffee Is A Brain Tonic For A Reason

Coffee, if moderately taken, helps in reducing the risk of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. coffee, as it contains antioxidants, helps in fighting brain cell damage and boosting the function of neurotransmitters. Some experts even speculate that a few coffee compounds also prevent DNA damage.

Know The Health Reasons To Drink Coffee
Know The Health Reasons To Drink Coffee

One Of Health Reasons To Drink Coffee Is Defeat Diabetes

If you take at least 4 cups of coffee, you make yourself immune from developing type 2 diabetes. Scientists have speculation that coffee compounds including, quinines and chlorogenic acids, boost insulin sensitivity in cells, and help in regulating blood sugar. 

One Cup Coffee A Day Keeps Heart Stroke Away

According to a few studies, a person with a healthy habit of drinking at least 3 cups of coffee prevents the risk of heart stroke. A few researchers speculate that coffee enables nitric oxide in the body, which helps in the widening of blood vessels. Widening of blood vessels lowers the blood pressure and thus prevents stroke. 

Healthy Liver Is One Of Health Reasons To Drink Coffee

The more coffee you drink, the lower is the risk of liver disease and cirrhosis. It can be said that the antioxidants, caffeic acids, and chlorogenic acids are the main reasons for reduced inflammation and inhibition of cancerous cells. 

Bad Effects Besides Many Health Reasons To Drink Coffee

All these reasons, favorable mostly, have led you to believe that coffee is sanely beneficial. Right?! But, it’s not the real story, though. Coffee, besides having the health benefits, also has consequences when taken beyond the limit. 

Some of the health consequences of drinking more than two to three cups of coffee are explained below. 

Caffeine Is Addictive

As you sip it daily, your body will tend to get in the cycle of needing the same alertness daily. It will make you consume caffeine on a regular basis, making you an addict. 

Steels Your Sleep

Caffeine helps people stay alert and active; in the long run, it disturbs the sleep pattern and makes the person insomniac. Therefore, if you love sipping a cup of hot coffee, make it a routine of morning. Cut it off post-afternoon. 

Know The Health Reasons To Drink Coffee
Know The Health Reasons To Drink Coffee

Bad Cholesterol Increases

Unfiltered coffee, especially Turkish coffee has a high level of Cafestol. Cafestol increases the LDL level in the blood, posing the danger of bad cholesterol development in the body. 

So, if you see both sides of the coin, coffee is both good as well as bad. Therefore, stick to the limited amount of intake and stay blessed. 

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