Love To Sip On Coffee – Here Is The List To All Types Of Coffee


You only get to see the names of all types of coffee when you see through the menu of a café to order one for you. There also, you may read all these fascinating names like Ristretto, Latte, Droppio, but you still choose your regular espresso and come back home. 

So, it does not mean that you don’t want to try new types, but you seldom have the information about how they look or taste. 

In this article, you get to learn about all the prevalent types of coffee all around the world. 

Black Coffee – One Of The Frequently Ordered Types Of Coffee

Black Coffee is a simple mixture of water and coffee without a drop of milk. You can add the flavor, either by adding honey or sugar. But, if you are not much in love with black coffee, you can add milk to it to make it the ideal one for you. Adding milk will change its color from black to light brown. 

Espresso – One Of The Types Of Coffee From Italy

This is the love from Italy with thick and frothy milk. The beans used to make the coffee roasted at high pressure. It has the highest thickness, which indicates a high level of caffeine. The frothiness on the top is the only loved part of this coffee. 

Love To Sip On Coffee – Here Is The List To All Types Of Coffee
Love To Sip On Coffee – Here Is The List To All Types Of Coffee

Americano – One Of The Types Of Coffee Dedicated To US Soldiers

The name can mislead you by taking its origin as America. But, it is not the reality. The origin of this coffee type is Italy itself. However, it got its name because of U.S Military staying in Italy during the 2nd World War. 

The coffee got its name because U.S Soldiers added more water to the coffee to replenish the scarcity of ration. 

Drip Coffee – One Of The Strongest Types Of Coffee 

If you ever feel to have the strongest coffee, then try this drip coffee. The method of brewing this coffee is slightly different than espresso.

 For this coffee type, you will have to add dripping hot water over the ground coffee. As the hot water is poured in drip, this process takes a little more time than making espresso.  

Doppio – Double Shot Of Espresso 

Doppio stands for double. Therefore, in this type of coffee, people add 2 shots of espresso, which passes through a double spout portafilter. These days, people have started taking doppio as the standard shot.

Love To Sip On Coffee – Here Is The List To All Types Of Coffee
Love To Sip On Coffee – Here Is The List To All Types Of Coffee

Vacuum Coffee – The Oldest Coffee 

If you think that vacuum coffee is a modern-day invention, then stop your thoughts right there. This type of coffee has already been in our age-old history. So, in this coffee, you have to take two vessels, a lower and upper, and fill them with water and coffee powder. Lower will contain water, and the upper will contain coffee. As the water will boil and release the steam, it will go up and dissolve the coffee. Once the heart stops, it will come down, and your coffee will be ready to drink. 

So, these were a few popular types of coffee. Try each one of them once in your lifetime.