Measure Your Life with a Cup of Coffee

A delicious cup of coffee

A “cup of coffee” is actually an idiom popular in North American sports. It means that the person watching a football game was long enough for the minor league to finish playing while having a cup of coffee. Interesting, isn’t it?

Different Types of Coffee Cups

Type of coffee cups

Due to the fact that ceramic acts as an insulator and coffee is a hot drink, most of the coffee cups are consist of ceramic. Also, this material is strong and can hold a good volume of coffee in it.

A coffee cup may also be a disposable cup of paper or styrofoam. Today, many coffee shops use paper cups to distribute coffee. Porcelain cups are also a type of coffee cup. Porcelain is a heat insulator material. These cups serve cream and milk-based espresso drinks. In some parts of the world, bamboo cups are popular.

History of the Coffee Cup

Look back into the history

The first coffee shops used cups that were made out of wood. Wood is also a good insulator and that was readily available, which is why these coffee shops used wood to create coffee mugs. Later on, China discovered porcelain, which is as shiny, smooth, strong and readily available, too. Due to the fact that porcelain is a better insulator than wood, coffee shops used porcelain cups.

Now, we use coffee mugs made of glass, metal, earthenware, bamboo, plastic, and many other materials.

How Many Cups of Coffee One Should Drink in A Day?

Three cups is an apt amount

If you are a coffee lover, you don’t try to imagine the disadvantages of drinking excessive coffee. A good cup of coffee is the greatest pleasure for those who love to drink coffee, but everyone should know that excessive consumption of coffee is harmful to their health. If you want to gain health benefits from coffee then you should drink only three to four cups of coffee daily. 400 mg of caffeine per day is perfectly acceptable for an adult.

Although, a cup of coffee is the biggest source of antioxidants for many people and it lowers the risk of many diseases like two types of diabetes, neurological disorders, and liver diseases.

The content of caffeine in one cup of coffee varies according to the texture, quality, freshness, and quantity of the coffee beans used. Studies show that coffee made at home consists of 100 mg of caffeine in one cup whereas, at an authentic coffee shop, the amount of caffeine is around 300-400 mg.

Ideal Size of Coffee Cup

Coffee cups come in a variety of sizes. Actually, there are different sizes for different cups.

  1. Espresso cup size – Espresso coffee is a strong flavor coffee. It is in a small size cup, and actually, the 4 oz espresso cup size is acceptable worldwide. An espresso cup is also referred to as a demitasse cup. It is served in a smaller cup than other coffees.
  2. Cappuccino cup size- A 6 oz cup size is perfect for cappuccinos.

Most standard coffee cups are 8 to 10 ounces, which is actually the best size for enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. However, iced coffee can be great if you drink in a 12-ounce cup. If you need to alter the flavor, just alter the size of the coffee cup.

After all, a cup of coffee can do wonders!

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