Mocha Cake Recipe

Mocha cake

There are varieties of cakes in the world with great taste and incredible flavors. One cake variety is mocha cake and it’s mostly liked and relished worldwide.

Many people make this cake in their own style and recipe, which can differ because of the region they live in. Some coffee beans and their by-products can work wonders; in case of desserts, there are mocha cake recipes. Enjoy the below products, as they can create the most delicious mocha cake recipe.

Bru Instant Coffee, 100g

BRU Instant, 100 grams

This instant coffee is India’s number one coffee brand. It is made from a fine blend of special plantation and Robusta beans. These coffee beans are first roasted to perfection and then the latest and superior process ensures the preservation of the fresh coffee aroma and rich coffee taste. It can be used to make cold coffee, hot coffee, and mocha cake.

This coffee comes as a perfect mix of coffee and chicory. Bru has four different offerings. The names are BRU Instant, BRU Gold in Instant coffee, BRU Green Label, and BRU Select in Filter coffee.

Bru Gold Instant Coffee, 100g

BRU Gold, 100 grams

This Gold Instant Coffee offers original taste in its purest form. It is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. These mixes are bought from South India. The coffee can be sorted and roasted to perfection so that the coffee that will be provided to customers can retain its quality for a longer time. It is easy to use as it mixes easily with water and milk. Made from natural red berries, this can be used in mocha cake recipes.

Country Bean Caramel Flavoured Instant Coffee Powder, 60g

The caramel coffee, 60 grams

Instant coffee enables people to quickly prepare hot coffee by just adding hot water and milk to the powder. Country Bean Caramel flavored instant coffee powder is a natural energy booster. It is a sugarless coffee powder and does not have artificial flavors. Being a mixture of coffee beans carefully handpicked and roasted to perfection, it is a vegetarian product.

The taste makes it possible to make smooth coffee at home easily without the use of machines. It is even used as an ingredient in the mocha cake recipe. Using this soluble coffee powder can make lattes, macchiatos or frappes at home.

Koinonia Coffee Roasters – 340 g

Koinonia Coffee Roasters – 340 gm Poabs (Organic) Estate Arabica – Medium Roast Whole Beans

Roasting coffee converts chemical and green physical properties of green coffee beans into roasted coffee products. This process brings out the aroma and flavor. It provides distinguished flavor to coffee.

The coffee bean is a vegetarian product from Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy, Kerala. It is a biodynamic farm that holds a good demand for coffee equipment like espresso machine, French press, Aereo press, South Indian Filter, etc. You can use this coffee bean as an ingredient in a mocha cake recipe as well.

These amazing products are just some of the many that can be used in a mocha cake recipe!

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