Origin of Mocha

There are many fascinating facts behind coffee as well as caffeine. Coffee, being one of the most popular drinks in the world, is more than just to keep you awake. This drink has been around for centuries.

It started in 800 A.D. when some shepherds saw the effect of the Coffea plant on the animals. The first real use of the coffee seed was to stay awake; however, with time, we have come to realize various other benefits of this amazing plant. By adding other ingredients, different types of coffee are prepared by many people, giving rise to different types of coffee drinks as we know them today. Now you have the liberty to choose the taste that suits your taste buds, while still enjoying the benefits of this seed.

There are some interesting facts about coffee seeds, one of which is that the coffee bean is actually a seed. One popular variety of coffee, known as mocha, has some interesting trivia:

Mocha, Here It Is

Interesting trivia about mocha

Like email is to the internet, mocha is to chocolate, isn’t it? You are wrong my friend. The name “mocha” signifies a port in Yemen. This was the place where coffee beans were transported from Africa; hence, the name Mocha.

Coffee, when mixed with chocolate, gives a boost to the memory. But this, isn’t the best part. The best part is that mocha has a long-term effect. Drink at least one cup of mocha every day and feel the difference.

Yes, it is a coffee tree. Trees can live up to 100 years. The mocha bean can be grown on trees. However, it takes five years for a tree to start yielding the mocha beans.

Do you want to have a sip of ‘Joe’? Coffee, including mocha, is sometimes referred to as Joe. Alcohol was banned on all navy ships which is why sailors turned to coffee as an alternative. Guess who started this in the first place? Admiral Joe Daniels.

The flavor of mocha is actually derived from Arabica Coffee Beans. Arabica is a type of coffee bean that does not have a large amount of caffeine. This is why chocolate is used as a base while preparing mocha and is known to be a smooth drink. Arabica beans have the name because these beans originate in Africa.

Mocha is supposed to be known as Yemen coffee. Due to mocha being distributed across the world, majorly from the Yemen port, it came to be named after the name of the port. Most of the people around the world still don’t know why the coffee was namedmocha.

Mocha naturally has a chocolate base. Due to Arabica seeds having a flavor of cocoa in it, mocha seems and tastes chocolatey.

From Yemen Coffee to Mocha

Is it the place or the flavor?

It’s Definitely The Place

There’s a lot of confusion about the name given to mocha. People think, ‘If the name was derived from the place of its transportation, why is not called Yemen Coffee?’ or ‘It has a chocolate base, but that’s not the reason why it is called mocha, and that is strange.’

Looking at the history of mocha, the seeds are the real reason behind the great taste that it has. From starting to be cultivated in Yemen by Sufi Monks to being a world-renowned coffee, mocha has made its mark.

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