Pressed Coffee Is Going Mainstream


Using a French press to make pressed coffee is one of the first steps that a coffee drinker usually takes into the realm of specialty coffee. The coffee addicts do this especially with access to fresh beans and a good grinder. It is one of the easiest ways to make coffee. It only requires you to steep and pour, as compared to other methods such as espresso.

Expresso involves many more steps and is prone to minute changes in things like grind size, or pour-overs (Hario V60s can be quite finicky to get right). The cup produced might have a little bit of silt, but it will generally be a good, full-bodied and rich cup of coffee provided that you used fresh beans and ground your coffee just before you started brewing it.

Filtering Pressed Coffee

Pressed Coffee Is Going Mainstream
Pressed Coffee Is Going Mainstream

Coffee filtered off with paper has the tendency to be what most would call a “clean” cup of coffee. However, the overall taste and body of a French press-brewed cup is abundant with flavor and very full-bodied. The reason is that because of the aromatic oils within the coffee beans that give your coffee more body and more flavor notes will end up in your cup. They will not get filtered out with the paper filters, as with most drip methods.

Coffee Beans

Pressed Coffee Is Going Mainstream
Pressed Coffee Is Going Mainstream

One big part of the appeal is that you end up with a more robust coffee solution. Since there’s only a rough metal filter to catch the coffee grounds, you get a lot of aromatic oils and other components. These components otherwise get trapped in the paper filter. It has a more distinct and stronger flavor this way. The filter is in contrast with the cleaner, more homogenous filter of pressed coffee that most are familiar with drinking. Necessarily, it’s just another technique to make coffee, along with espresso and traditional filter.

Appealing Pressed Coffee

 Many of us already know and believe that French Press Coffee is the best. Here are the few reasons why it is so appealing:

  • A French press doesn’t soak up the flavors, and oil like paper filters in the drip machine does. The added bit of tiny coffee grounds makes the feeling more enhancing. 
  • A French press makes the coffee tastes better as it allows the properties to be steep instead of filtering it out.
  • You always prefer a cup of pure coffee. Isn’t It? French press gives you the satisfaction to have the coffee the way it is meant to be. It does not contain any impurities. However, in other coffees, the impurities show up from the dripping machine. And hence the coffee gets impure.
  • The French press does not miss any of the grounds. That means both the coffee and the oils ultimately gets saturated. The complete saturation process offers the coffee to have various lovely flavors. You can even taste different flavors of the pressed coffee out of it. You can add up to be more experienced and fresh.