The Cappucino Guys!

A close up of a coffee cup

Monks were the first people to start the trading of coffee. Starting from the 15th century, when Mocha was discovered, coming down to the 16th century when cappuccino was realized, everything traces back to when the monks started to enjoy coffee seeds and its blends.

Color of the Robe = Color of Espresso + Frothed Milk

A Capuchin monk

The name “cappuccino” was inspired by the robe of the Capuchin monks. Italy is its place of origin and these monks are found in the same country; hence, the name.

This beverage came to England in the late 1800s and the English took this drink a notch higher.

Get the Brew Prepared In 4 Simple Steps

Prepare a coffee

Step 1- Espresso As The Base

Preparing espresso using a machine takes 5 minutes. Make sure that you get two shots exactly to be able to get a proper brew. This can be done without a machine as well; however, the pressure vessel is required to get authentic espresso.

Make it hot and creamy

Step 2 – Skim Milk Is Preferable

Use a chilled container to store skim milk. 10-12 ounces of milk for one cup of cappuccino is the requisite amount. Dip the machine steamer in the milk and switch it on. Steam for 3-4 minutes.

In case you don’t have a coffee machine, you can heat it in the oven. Shake it well before you heat it and then use it within 5 minutes of heating because the foam remains for 5-7 minutes.

Step 3 – Tap It All

Tapping the heated milk is important. It removes any bubbles present in the milk. Keeping the milk and foam separated when you pour it on the espresso is important, as well.

That’s how coffee is made

Step 4 – Serve It Hot

This is the creative part. You need to be patient and slow in pouring the foamed milk in the espresso. To get the native taste of cappuccino, it is significant to let the froth float on top.

Italians use other flavours such as Hazelnut in addition to the froth; however, these are the four easy steps to prepare this beverage.

Cappuccino is generally served as a hot coffee. The steam and the froth are all a part of making it a hot beverage. This is why Cappuccino falls under the genre of hot coffee.

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