Tips to Make The Best Coffee

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Coffee has become a major part of all mornings for all of us across the world.

When you wake up, the first thing that you may want to have is a cup of coffee – and not just any cup, the best coffee. Brew a cup of coffee and have it; it boosts up your mood and gives you a kick-start to your morning.

The coffee itself has a very diverse fanbase and in different parts of the world, we have different types of coffee made in different ways. Some of them are espresso, café late and many others.

5 Ways to Maintain the Best Coffee

Set of Coffee Making Tools
  1. Buying good beans is the key: Roasting coffee beans is very important when it comes to making the best coffee. The famous coffee brands don’t mention on the wrapper when the beans were roasted, but this plays a very important role in the taste of the brew.
  2. Preserving the roasted beans: You should always keep the roasted beans in an air-tight jar so that the freshness of the coffee is maintained.
  3. Grinding of the coffee: It is proven that the best coffee starts losing its taste 30 minutes after grinding. So, it is said that to drink the best coffee, you need to grind it just before brewing.
  4. Coffee should always be measured by its weight: You should always weigh coffee to equal amounts of water before brewing.
  5. The temperature of brewing: You should always brew the coffee at an exact temperature of 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some Coffees That Can Be Made Easily Using the Above Tips

A Coffee Machine

Café Au Liat: This type of coffee requires hot milk to be added to it. It is generally different from white coffee that requires cold milk or any other whitener. It originated from Europe, where they have many other types, including Kawabiala (white coffee), Milchkaffee (milk coffee), and Café Com Leite (coffee with milk). You can make this coffee at home by adding dark coffee into hot milk. Generally, in Cafés, this coffee is made with the help of espresso machines. However, this coffee is also the main reason for gastric issues and it even increases the fat intake if taken in excess.

Coffee without milk (black coffee):  Generally, referred to as black coffee, this coffee without milk has many benefits that include fat-loss, anti-oxidant and many others. It is generally brewed with the help of espresso machines and is made up of only ground coffee with hot water. Black coffee can be one cause of sleeplessness and stomach ache, when not consumed in limited quantity. On the other hand, a cup of black coffee in the morning helps boost up your mood as soon as you start your day.

After all, it depends on you – what would you prefer to consume in your day to day life? What sounds like the best coffee for you? Just keep in mind, coffee consumed in limited quantity (3-4 cups) can actually be good for your health.

With this, you now know how to make the best coffee, all suited to your personal choice!

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