Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You

Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You

Coffee is one of the most famous beverages other than tea. Moreover, almost more than 50% of the world population consumes coffee on a regular basis. With its discovery, coffee even also has replaced beer as the breakfast drink as well. Therefore to meet the requirements of all the coffee lovers’ massive coffee production takes place all over the world. Moreover, there also exist various types of coffee as well, such as Arabica, Robusta, etc. Additionally, different individuals have multiple tastes for coffee. Some people like black coffee, while some like their coffee with milk and sugar. And hence, there exists something for all coffee lovers. Now let us have a look at some of the Weird Facts About Coffee.

Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You
Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You

Coffee Contains More Antioxidants Than Grape Juice – Weird Facts About Coffee

Many people prefer to consume grape juice since it contains a high amount of antioxidants. Moreover, the antioxidants help to remove various impurities from our body, thus providing us with good health. However, as compared to grape juice, coffee contains a higher amount of antioxidants. However, you should consider taking it without sugar to obtain the most top benefits.

One Can Use Coffee  As Biofuels- Weird Facts About Coffee

With many years of research and studies, scientists have successfully turned coffee into biofuels. Coffee contains caffeine that efficiently acts as efficient biofuels. Moreover, it also is renewable in nature as well that adds to its benefits.

Coffee First Was Chewed Rather Than Using It As A Drink- Weird Facts About Coffee

Just after the discovery of coffee, many historians believe that African tribes sued to chew the coffee berries. Moreover, these African tribes did not the process of brewing coffee into a drink. They used to grind the coffee berries together and then consume it. Moreover, they also added some animal fats to the grounded beans to subside the bitter taste of the beans.

Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You
Weird Facts About Coffee That Will Surprise You

Instant Coffee Is Almost 250 Years Old- Weird Facts About Coffee

One of the most exciting facts that surround coffee is that it is almost 250 years old. Moreover, initially, instant coffee evolution took place in the year 1771 in England. And then, slowly over some time, instant coffee spread to other parts of the world. Later in the 1960s, dried, frozen coffee also made its appearance that one can use as instant coffee.

Americans Consume Huge Amount Of Coffee

One can find a coffee shop in almost every street in America. Americans tend to drink vast amounts of coffee each day to keep themselves warm. Moreover, a third of the tap water that they use goes into brewing the coffee.

Finland Is The Coffee King Of The World

Though the country does not produce many coffee berries, but consumes a vast amount of coffee. Since the temperature of Finland remains frozen all the time, the people of Finland consume vast amounts of coffee.

Coffee Widely Traded Commodity

Apart from crude oil, coffee is also traded worldwide on a large scale.

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