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Whether you call it coffee or caffee in Italian, we’re calling all those caffee lovers out there to read these interesting facts.

The seeds

Did You Know That An Actual Coffee Plant Consists Of Cherries And Not Beans?

The raw coffee beans that we have in the market are actually roasted coffee seeds. Like fruit, they’re also juicy, have tender, sweet-flavored skin, and have two blue-green seeds inside which is the raw form of coffee beans.

Spring and summer are the times when this plant is cultivated.

The Perfect Roast

Type of beans

The coffee beans are actually roasted form of seeds from the coffee plant. The process occurs at very high temperatures. This causes the seed to become dark brown and then a chemical reaction occurs. This reaction is responsible for the effects of this beverage.

It takes an artistic mind to roast the coffee seeds at the right temperature and to the right point. Even if there is an increase or decrease in the required conditions, the quality of the seed can become bad. Also, once roasted, it should be used as quickly as possible so that you can taste the raw and fresh flavor of the roast.

The Lighter The Color, The More Concentrated It Is


It is believed that dark coffee beans contain more caffeine; however, this is not true.

A lighter roast is more concentrated because it ranges from medium-roast to medium-dark roast. These are the two grills that have a higher amount of caffeine as it is grilled at optimum conditions. Dark roasts are a burnt form of caffee.

Make sure that you buy from a trustworthy brand while purchasing dark roast coffee beans because it may be a damaged version of the seeds.

Weird Facts About Caffee

Enjoy the caffee

Every Brew Has A Special Name

Every brew of coffee has its name associated with the place it was invented at or with the type of people who discovered it. Cappuccino was named after the Capuchin monks who were the first ones to create this drink. Mocha is named after the port where it was transported to. Espresso means ‘forcing out’ which is the actual science behind its preparation.

2nd Largest Commodity

Coffee trade is the world’s second largest commodity. The business generates a lot of profit and about 3 million people in America alone consume caffee everyday.

Africa Isn’t The Largest Producer Of This Seed

Most people would think that Africa is the biggest producer of caffee because it originated from there; however, today the largest importer and exporter of caffee are Columbia and Brazil.

The Kopi Luwak

The process of fermenting the world’s most expensive coffee ‘Kopi Luwak’ is by getting an Asian palm civet to eat it and then secrete it. So yes, people around the world drink coffee which is actually a fecal matter.

The Major Blends

Although coffee seeds are of many types, 60% of the blends are made from a variety named Arabica and 40% is made using Robusta.

Have A Sip Of ‘Joe’

The rulers of the Muslim community banned coffee, in the 16th century because of the effect that it had. Soon after a navy admiral banned alcohol on all navy ships, the sailors started to drink coffee because of the stimulating effect it has. Caffee also came to be known as ‘Joe’ after this as the name of the Admiral who banned it, was Admiral Joe.

And there you have it… Caffee does have obtain some interesting facts, and all it takes is to sit back, relax, and read about all about it!

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